Way of Life


The Shuh Shuh Guh is a way of life, a way of living.


We constantly listen to Self and use all the tools we offer to others on ourselves,  whether it  is at work, at home, with friends or people we have just met.  


We do not separate the Shuh Shuh Guh from our personal lives.  



The Shuh Shuh Guh:


Practises shamanic and holistic health.


Symbolises stillness in which to hear Self.


Works closely with people and their wellbeing.


Enables people to empower themselves by the use of healing tools from around the world.


Is involved with Care in the Community.


Offers strong support through the healing process.


Passes on knowledge and tools of healing to all that work with the Shuh Shuh Guh.


Works with empathy and strength.


Works with honesty and integrity.