Psychic shamanic Readings

Are you at a crossroad - not sure what to do, where to go, how to help yourself?


Allow us to help you, with compassionate, in-depth readings to enable you to understand your life.


Helping you to unlock the answers you already have.


Offering one to one readings bringing guidance and reassurance.

by Azawailia and Saraswati

Shuh-Shuh-Guh-Chakra-8 Shuh-Shuh-Guh-Chakra-8

                       Face to face reading in our sacred space


                       Face to face reading in your own home (RH6 area)


                      Telephone reading in the comfort of your own home


                      Email reading direct to your inbox


                      Skype reading for international and UK users


                      Postal reading delivered to your selected address


                      Group reading with friends as part of our Indulgence Experience