Medicine Wheel Information


Aim:                            Unlock your potential and change your life to be centred in Self.


Requirements:            Honesty with Self, willingness to look, listen and act.


Journey Time:             Approximately 12 months.



“Our Medicine Wheel of Life came to us from Spirit through the Star Nation .”


It is our belief system and our way of life.  We do not expect those who wish to walk the Medicine Wheel to share our beliefs and therefore offer the Wheel to people from all walks of life, sceptics and non sceptics alike. It is not for the curious minded but for those who have a genuine desire to change their lives. The Wheel has been travelled by many people since the birth of the Shuh Shuh Guh.


The Wheel is a subtle yet powerful tool to release recurring patterns in life which no longer serve you.  


A gentle approach to look at all areas of Self enabling you to be all that you are, to move forward and live the life you really want to.

Using ancient wisdom, such as tie cuts, sweat lodge, shadow work, vision quest and empowerment for your journey.


The Wheel is a practical, guided and supported self development journey based in your reality and resulting in quick, effective changes on all levels of being.


As the Medicine Wheel is guided by Spirit  each wheel is a very individual journey and therefore is open to change in any direction.


Each Wheel consists of 4-6 travellers and there will be individual as well as group sessions involved.


Those interested in the Medicine Wheel would have to meet with us and discuss their reasons for embarking on this journey.


We cannot stress enough that this Journey on the Medicine Wheel is not to be undertaken lightly.

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