Courses & Workshops




Every Thursday    Time:  7.30 p.m.


The Open Circle is held to give people a sacred space in which to explore their own Awareness.

We offer a taster of the tools we have to unlock your natural abilities commencing with the Power Animal Journey.  

Join us and experience the journeys of Self Discovery and  Empowerment.





Stone People are the rocks and crystals that come from the Earth.  

By working shamanically we can access the guidance and wisdom from the Stone People

 to enable personal healing and development.


Duration:         1 day




Shuh Shuh Guh Healing and Empowerment

A blend of shamanic and reiki/energy healing to give a complete healing system, accessible to all.


Duration:          1 day




                                                                                    Mukhabhyanga (face):     Duration:   2 days  

                                                                                    Padabhyanga   (feet):      Duration:   1 day  

                                                                                    Shirobhyanga   (head):    Duration:   2 weekends




Duration:    10 weeks - weekly two hour session




   Duration:        1 day


All our courses are  based on the Shuh Shuh Guh principle and belief.  Tailor made courses/workshops are available.



For prices and more information please conctact us.


Open Circle

Working with the Stone People


Healing and Empowerment

Ayurvedic Courses

Psychic Development


Hopi Ear Candling