The Prana (or chi, ki, energy) in the human body flows along subtle channels, known in Sanskrit as NADIS.   It is said that there are 72,000 nadis in the human system, which extend through every anatomical region.   These nadis, which are like branches, flow into a central “trunk” known as the shushumna.  The shushumna runs from the base of the spine to the top of the head, and lies within the spinal cord.    It is the centre of all pranic flow within the body.


Inside the shushumna are seven major intersections where large groups of nadis flow together.

These centres are known as CHAKRAS (literally means “wheel”) and serve to regulate all pranic flow in the human system.  


There are also many smaller chakras around the body which are fed by the energy from the larger chakras through  the nadis.   Junctions where Nadis intersect  are called MARMAS.  The word "Marma" means hidden or secret.


Prana can become blocked in any of these areas of the chakras, nadis or marmas and if left

unchecked may cause a build up of Ama (toxins) which can lead to dis-ease and imbalance of the body,  mind and spirit.


At the Shuh Shuh Guh we work with the seven major chakras and one minor chakra.  


We link in with the essence or spirit of each chakra and are guided by the instruction given to

maintain a balanced system of health.


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