About Us


Our shamanic belief is that all things, organic or inorganic,  have energy (essence or spirit).


By linking into this energy we can gain all the information we require to live a balanced life. What we do with this information is up to us, the individual, therefore the responsibility for our own wellbeing is in our hands.


This belief is the foundation to all that we offer at the Shuh Shuh Guh.



The Shuh Shuh Guh Team





I have a background in nursing and community care which has helped enormously in bringing together the two areas of conventional medicine and holistic health practices - to work together in harmony. All the knowledge that I have has come from cultural experiences and spiritual instructions.





I have a background in nursing, community care and teaching.  I came to the Shuh Shuh Guh to discover my true self by embarking and completing the Medicine Wheel.  Through this journey I have learnt many tools of healing and holistic practices and have experienced some great adventures which I would never have thought possible.


I now work with Shila and the Shuh Shuh Guh to enable others to unlock their true potential.  


Other travellers of the Medicine Wheel also work alongside us bringing with them their unique skills and expertise.

Shila Patel, FRSA, BSc, IPTI,  IHM - Medicine Name: Saraswati

Alison Luff,  CertEd, EN, IPTI - Medicine Name: Azawailia